2016 PTSD Awareness March


Maintenance Muster

In May, we will begin to clear out, repair, build, and prepare the trails and cabin locations aboard the 22 acres of land desginated at the initial site of the RWF Program.  This is an instrumental moment in our legacy to provide our resources to our Nations Heroes.

Upcoming Events


Past Events


This year we are proud to be sponsored by Plywood King and All Steel.  We are hosting this years event at the Lyons Community Building located at 600 W Broad Street, Lyons, Indiana.  If you or your team are feeling lucky, come on out and toss some bags with us.  A portion of the proceeds will be going towards a local Bloomfield Veteran.


On Thursday, January 19th, our Founder was honored with being the keynote speaker for the Linton-Stockton Chamber of Commerce Dinner.  We would like to extend our congratulations to the evenings award recipients.  We also would like to recognize the hard work of the past President, Tracy Keen and welcome the new President Greg Sapp.  It was a privilege to speak to such a generous and esteemed crowd.  Thank you Cheryl Hamilton for having us and Patti Danner for introducing us.  It was a great night for all!  While there was barley a dry eye by nights end, the culmination of the evening raised over $300 towards the Romans Warrior Foundation $1 Challenege and tickets sales netted over $770 towards the Foundation itself.  Again, Thank You Greene County, Indiana for your generosity.


Saturday, January 21st, Brian was asked to speak to the membership of the Hubert VFD located in Hubert, NC.  Brian retains loyalty to the area and the citizens of the Hubert community and was honored to be the guest speaker for the evening.  The message was simple; Teamwork, Volunteerism, and Community.  The importance of volunteerism is to selflessly commit, without recognition, to assist others.  In this case, the men and women of the Hubert Volunteer Fire Department responded to over 400 calls to response with a large number supporting mutual aid departments.  These men and women are known as the Hubert Guardians and do a fantastic job assisting the community who supports them.


We are conducting a Greene County first, we will be hosting a 'silkie' ruck to kick off our Salute to St. Patrick's Day for 2018.  Pre-registration will be available within 24 hours.  We will also hold registration at the Greene County Courthouse at 6am with a step off at 7pm.  We will then cover the 16 miles to the Odon Tavern where we will kick off the Beer Pong Tournament.  This will be our Inaugural Salute to St. Patrick at the Oden Tavern, located at 101 W Main Street in Oden. Pre-registration begins at 12pm and our friendly tournament kicks off at 1pm.  Players will be responsible for their own beer during the tournament.  Registration fees and prizes will be posted shortly. 

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