We Are Our Brothers Keepers

Helping is Healing

Providing Cost-Free Retreats

One person, family, or group at a time.  All Veterans, First Responders, and Gold Star Families are welcome to escape the daily grind and spend some time getting back to oneself through the healing power of nature.

Driven by passion and fueled with dedication of selfless service to our country both at home and overseas, our Volunteers across this Nation assist our Veterans, Gold Star Families, First Responders and their families with resources within their specific location.

These actions by few, solidifies the needed support our First Line Defenders deserve.  We stand the line together, as one team.  We Our Our Brothers Keepers.


Destiny in the Making

In October of 2016, a ride to work was anything but.  Our Founder, Brian Romans was struck by a 250lb, 10-pt buck while traveling at 55 mph on a Harley Davidson.  The impact killed the deer, destroyed the bike, and launched Brian, hurling him some 60 feet through the air.  After being cared for by first responders, air lifted to a level 1 trauma center, our Marine was able to walk out of the ER under his own power, without internal injury, or any broken bones.  Romans heeded the second chance and started helping his fellow Veterans, First Responders, and their families.  In Brian's own words, "It started by accident but I don't think it was an accident by any means.  This is the path I needed to be on and it was made to happen."

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Some of our crew doing what we do. Supporting Veterans
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Stopped in to say hello and thanks... 
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Be part of an amazing escort with the Patriot Guard Riders as they bring the Global War on Terror Wall of Remembrance into Anderson, California. Kickstand up at 1130 starting at the Herbert S. Miles Rest Area on I-5 North.
North California Veterans Muesem & Heritage Center...we await the arrival of the Patriot Guard Riders to escort us in... we shall see you all then...
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War Wagon getting some new shoes. Much appreciated Tieman Tire!! Great folks helping the mission. 
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We just got off the phone with our host in California.  Our crew are getting last minute items squared away on the hauler this week.  They intend to depart this weekend, heading west!! Read all about our hosts at norcalveteransmuseum.org to see that they have planned, what they have completed, and the future ahead.
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A few years ago, this was/is our setup to provide healing to our Veterans and their families. On this day, we set in for a haul to Clarksville, TN to display the GWOT WOR. In a few short weeks, we will once again set sail. This time for California.  You can choose to be part of someone's healing, or simply stand aside and watch them break down. We CHOOSE to heal. 
We are running a campaign over on Facebook helping to promote the traveling Memorial known as the Global War on Terror Wall of Remembrance. We are looking for fuel and support team sponsors for the 2021 season. Not calling anyone out just yet but the warning order has been called... vet owned businesses...
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